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One of the most popular and enduring ways to celebrate the holidays and maintain the memories is by incorporating custom art and picture frames.

Custom art, picture and mirror frames are great for:

  • Decoration for your home and office or to enhance artwork displayed at parties and events.

  • Gift giving for friends, family, employees, customers and clients

  • As memorabilia to preserve memories, family portraits and collectables

Heritage Frame & Picture Co, the leading corporate framing, custom art and picture framing business in Tarrytown, NY, has seen a large increase in customers over the holiday season for the past few years. In addition to framing, mirrors, artwork, pictures, memorabilia, collectibles and diplomas- Heritage Frame also installs artwork and provides art restoration services. The holidays are a time when custom framing makes sense for many people because it is when they are most sentimental and are trying to find the best use of their dollars.

Unlike most items purchased during the holidays, custom art, mirror and picture framing can last a lifetime.

In fact, when your have your artworks, memorabilia, mirrors, pictures and diplomas framed, you are also preserving their lifetime. Custom framing protects the framed items by keeping it secure and when encased in glass limits damage from fingerprints and smoke.

In business for 140 years, Heritage Frame & Picture Co first opened its doors in 1878. When opened in lower Manhattan, the parent company was known as NY Frame. Now in its fourth generation, Heritage Frame has provided corporate art framing, custom mirror, picture and collectable framing as well as art restoration and art installation to thousands of customers of the years. Heritage Frame has remained in business because of its large assortment of art frames and matting as well as due to its well-known reputation for excellent customer service and high quality framing, art restoration and art installation services.

Want to enhance your home or office for the holidays with custom art and picture framing?

One of the secrets interior decorators use to enhance interior design is to select the right artwork. Artwork by itself as well as portraits move your eye from the furniture to the walls. Once there, to give the artwork, pictures, mirrors or portraits that extra WOW factor, professional interior decorators make us of custom art framing. Custom framing mirrors, art and pictures enhance while adapt to the decor of the room.

Unlike holiday decorations, custom framed mirrors, art and pictures can remain up after the holidays are over. Some of our Heritage Frame clients have us change the frames on the artwork and the artwork takes on a new look. Often times, when we finish our custom framing, our clients feel like they purchased an entirely new piece of art without the high price tag of purchasing new works of art.

Heritage Frame corporate framing clients often have Heritage Frame install artwork for their offices and corporate events during the holiday season. Corporate framing happens year long but during the holidays, many banks, law firms, hotels, not for profits, restaurants and office buildings redecorate. It is during this time they also have corporate events, corporate holiday parties and change they office areas to be more festive.

Heritage Frame installs artwork, portraits and pictures in lobbies, conference rooms, hallways, ballrooms and executive suites. After the holidays, some of the artwork installed remains while some may be moved to other locations or placed in storage. As a full service commercial framing/ corporate framing entity- Heritage Frame works with our clients throughout the entire process.

If you are interested in our corporate framing services, call Ted Howell at (212)233-3205 or (914)332-5200. Ted Howell, is the owner and 4th generation custom framing craftsman.  Ted is widely known as the most knowledgeable and personable in the custom art and corporate framing business.

Gifting Custom Framed Art, Mirrors and Memorabilia is Gaining Popularity

With the holidays here and the December Holidays approaching, many people have run out of unique ideas for gifts. One of the more popular and priceless gifts is to have artwork, family portraits and collectables custom framed for friends, loved ones and even as corporate gifts for employees, customers and strategic partners.

At Heritage Frame & Picture Co. we work with many large and small companies with corporate framing also known as commercial framing and industrial framing. These customers often have us frame art and other collectables to give a tokens of appreciation. In addition, we also have framed art for businesses that gift these custom framed artworks and pictures to not for profits, schools, galleries and museums.

Even if you are not a business, gifting custom framed artwork is always an excellent idea. Custom framed family portraits, children’s art, sport jerseys, records, letters, diplomas, antiques and family heirlooms make great gifts. Framed art, pictures, memorabilia and collectables are hung on walls and seen daily. In addition, the gift serves a purpose of enhancing the rooms decor. If the framed item is of sentimental value or one which detonates an accomplishment, the framed work provides a positive experience that can be enjoyed a lifetime.

We are able to frame almost anything you desire. With our large selection of custom frames, matting and hardware, we can help you select the perfect complement. Ted Howell and our custom framing experts work with you to choose the right frame be it wood, metal, antique, mixed media, museum quality, modern, classic, single color or multicolored. We will also show you how to choose matting if needed.

If you want to give a gift this holiday season that will never be forgotten, may we suggest custom framed artwork, mirrors, children’s paintings, family portraits, family vacation pictures, wedding pictures or baby pictures. Heritage Frame can even help you decide the item to have framed if you are uncertain which will make the best gift.


About Heritage Frame & Picture Co

Heritage Frame & Picture Co. provides picture framing and art installation services throughout New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut as well as nationally and internationally. We work with corporations, governments, interior decorators, museums, galleries, corporate event planners and private art collectors.

We pick up and ship your artwork, collectables, memorabilia, sentimental pictures and photographs throughout the United States and internationally.

We have an extensive variety of picture frames on display at our store located at:

Heritage Frame & Picture Co

8 Main Street
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Phone: 212-233-3205
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The owner of Heritage Frame & Picture Co.- Ted Howell is an expert art framer and art installer having worked in the picture framing business since he was a child. Ted is a 4th generation picture framing craftsman. He has travelled nationally and internationally working with clients from fortune 100 corporations, the US Government, private art collectors, museums, art galleries, corporate meeting planners, interior designers, photographers, artists, restaurants, condominiums and homeowners.

Heritage Frame & Picture Co coordinates and assists with identifying the perfect place to display artworks and framing artwork and photos to reflect the architecture and aesthetic environment. In addition, we also work with museums and galleries to safely remove collectable artwork from existing frames for reframing, authentication and appraisals.

With corporate clients, we assist with corporate gift giving, events, art installation, framing and reframing, art relocation and art restoration services.

Since 1878, we have provided art framing and art installation services. With almost 140 years of experience and expertise, there is no other art framing and art installation company more capable of providing the services you need and the professionalism you deserve.

As stated before, we pick up and ship your artwork, collectables, memorabilia, sentimental pictures and photography throughout the United States and internationally, so there is no need for you to travel to us. We travel to you or have your works professionally picked up and returned to you.

And yes, your artwork and pictures are treated with respect, care and with the utmost of privacy. Feel free to call us at 212-233-3205 (or) 914-332-5200. We look forward to working with you and making this an enjoyable and memorable experience.

You can email Ted Howell, the President and Owner of Heritage Frame & Picture Co. at [email protected]

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